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Does this ladder go up or down? — March 31, 2016

Does this ladder go up or down?

For time,
1 round of:
100 DU
50 squats
25 push press (95/65)
Then, 2 rounds of:
60 DU
30 squats
15 push press (95/65)
Then, 3 rounds of:
40 DU
20 squats
10 push press (95/65)

Courtesy of, March 10 2016

Check your progress  — March 30, 2016

Check your progress 

CF Baseline
500m row
40 squats
30 abmat situps
20 pushups
10 pullups

Compare to 12/28/2015


Remember our evening schedule changes in Gahanna starting tonight! 5:30 and 6:30 pm WODs Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Building power — March 29, 2016
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Open or bust! — March 26, 2016

Open or bust!

Due to the unpredictable heat length of 16.5 and the large number of athletes who still need to submit a score, there will not be additional programming on Saturday morning 3/26. 

If you were one of the few people who got 16.5 done on Friday, you’re welcome to come help us judge, or get in your own workout in an out-of-the-way spot. Or, hit up our vacation-friendly section of the blog to do a fun off-site WOD!

Let’s finish strong on Open 2016! Happy Easter! 

Open 16.5 prep — March 25, 2016

Open 16.5 prep

It’s the final week! A classic combo…thrusters and burpees. Let’s see what WODprep says about this one…

Who is willing to hurt the most?
That’s the name of 16.5’s game. 
Burpees and Thrusters are easily one of the most dreaded combinations in “The Sport of Fitness”.
How will you break up the thrusters? (or should you…?)
Which kind of bar-facing burpee should I try?
Today’s email is the official WODprep strategy guide surrounding the CrossFit Open 16.5 Workout.
First, make sure you watch my full video strategy guide. It has 90% of the information you will need for this workout.
Watch the video now before moving on:
Here is an extra content video that will really help you get through all 168 reps.
168? It can’t be that bad…. 😉
How to breathe for Thrusters:
This one can easily introduce you to “pukie” if you eat too close to game time.
Just like every Open workout, I am going to recommend a full meal (carbs, fat, and protein) about 1.5-2 hours before attempting.
In my opinion, this is a WOD that you can hit on an empty stomach, but only if you are used to training fasted.
HYDRATE. Remember to start your day with at least 24oz of water! (This applies to every day of your life….and no….coffee doesn’t count as water)
Mental Preparation: 5-10 mins total (45-60 min pre-workout)
I said that last week was the most mentally draining….
I lied. This one takes the prize.
*Your score will 100% hinge on your willingness to push through the uncomfortable feeling of heavy breathing and burning muscles. This is mental.*
Now is the time to convince yourself that your body is more capable than you can even imagine.
But your mind will NOT get the best of you.
Take 5 minutes to accept the fact that THIS WILL BURN and YOU WILL STILL SURVIVE.
No matter how bad it hurts, you will keep moving.
It’s time to spend a few minutes visualizing your thruster rep scheme.
Are you doing 7/7/7, 6/6/6, 5/5/5, 4/4/4… etc.?
Or are you doing 12/9, 10/8, 8/7….etc.?
Mentally commit right now. Don’t start this workout without a plan.
(If you don’t know your rep scheme for the Thrusters, go back and watch this video.)
Now, visualize your cadence for the burpees.
Which technique are you using? Step-up? Jump-up? Kneel-up?
How will you breathe? Will you jump and spin at the same time?
Whatever you decide- visualize exactly what it will feel like.
Envision your pace staying the exact same the entire workout.
No need for long chalk breaks, breathers, or extended rests. 
In fact, tell yourself right now “I will not rest for more than 3 full breaths.”
Say it again. Stick to it!
Here is your movement “mind sequence” for the thrusters:
Know your target number- have it in your head.
Weight in the heels.
Squat with head up.
Drive with LEGS.
Finish with shoulders strong.
Don’t stop until you hit your number!
And here is your sequence for the burpees:
Find your rhythm.
Don’t change your rhythm.
Finally, like every week before, take a “centering breath” to calm your nerves.
5 seconds inhale.
3 seconds pause.
7 seconds exhale.
Repeat 3x
(Pre-Workout Routine) 25 mins total
0:00-5:00 General movement (AirDyne, light rowing, light jogging, etc.)
5:00-12:00 Shoulder Mobility, Glute Activation
12:00-20:00 Movement-specific drills
Spend 5 minutes working on finding the “perfect” thruster pace. Focus on breathing and hitting your positioning. Then, do 5-10 reps at 10-20lbs heavier than prescribed.
Spend 5 minutes testing several different kinds of burpees. 8 reps at a time. Find the one that you feel most comfortable with and keeps your heart rate down.
20:00-25:00 “Get Your Heart Pumping”
EMOM for 5 minutes
30 Seconds at near-max-effort (90%) row or bike.
30 seconds rest
*These intense sets will help “prime your motor” so that you don’t shock your body when the workout begins.
~Rest 3-5 minutes~
Finally… right before the workout perform the following:
2 rounds at a steady “game speed” pace:
5 Thrusters
5 Bar-Facing Burpees
*This is your time to make sure all of your equipment is in the right place and there is nothing that will get in your way during the workout! I would keep chalk FAR away so that you know that YOU DON’T NEED IT!*
~Rest for 3 minutes~
As always, I hope that this strategy guide helps you get a better score! Please don’t hesitate to forward this to a friend who might need help with their 16.5 preparation. 🙂
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