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Pick your poison — April 30, 2016

Pick your poison

5 Curtis P’s
then choose from one of the following:
• 10 barbell roll-outs
• 10 floor wipers (L+R=1)
• 5 strict toes-to-bar

5 rounds, rest as needed

Curtis P: power clean, front-rack lunge (L+R), push press.
Start with 50% 1RM push press weight for Curtis P. Increase weight each round if possible.
You can choose a different core movement each round if you wish.

Not Benjamin, just Grant — April 28, 2016

Not Benjamin, just Grant

Buy-in: 50-cal row

10 Russian KB swings (70/53)
10 pushups
5 rounds

10 knees-to-elbows
10 DU
5 rounds

Cash-out: 50-cal row

Commemoration and celebration — April 27, 2016

Commemoration and celebration

First, join us in commemorating a fellow CrossFitter’s life that ended too soon. 

100 burpees for JoAnna

Then, let’s celebrate Coach M’s birthday! 

1 minute per station:

  • tire flips
  • box steps
  • hang power cleans (115/75)
  • sled push
  • bench press (135/95)

5 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds

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3 rounds for time:
12 toes to bar
29 DU
12 wall balls (20/14)
rest 30 sec
4 cartwheels
16 box jumps (24/20)
16 situps
rest 30 sec


Screen shot 2016-04-19 at 9.38.53 AM

Roselynn “Rosie” Mae Hanna, age 3, passed unexpectedly on April 16, 2016 at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Rosie Mae was born on December 29, 2012 in Columbus to Roy and Whitney (Epley) Hanna who survive. She also leaves behind three siblings Gavin, Brooklynn and Odin; her Mimi and Pawpaw Mona and Pat Gardner, Grandpa Scott Epley and Grandma and Grandpap Peg and Bill Hanna; aunts and uncles Jessica Epley, Madison Gardner, Katey Epley, Kristin (Shaun) Roberts, Lee (Eileen) Hanna, Greg (Nancy) Hanna, Jay Hanna and Stephen Hanna as well as great grandparents, many cousins and other family.

Rosie will most be remembered as a spunky, carefree, fearless and giving spirit who made friends with everyone she met from babies to adults and animals too. She was always on the go, with a mind of her own, a stubborn attitude, doing things her way. She loved to play in the dirt with her boots or flip flops, or one of each on occasions. Her grandpap said of her that she moved too fast for most books. She loved movies and she loved to dance, particularly on Friday nights to “Red Balloon”; she loved to Whip and she loved to Nae Nae, and if all else failed, she loved chocolate. Two other favorites of Rosie’s were gum and the color blue.

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