Today’s wisdom comes to us from mobility guru Kelly Starrett of He’s got tips for how to maximize your mobility when you just can’t get away from your desk. Check it out…

Ergonomist’s Trick to Surviving Your Chair

Leopards! It’s time for the next evolution in the “Sitting vs. Standing” conversation. Is one better than the other? Or is the real question, “How do I get more movement into my day?”

We think it’s the latter.

Why do we prefer standing? We find the movement options available to us when we sit are far fewer than when we stand. However, sometimes the chair is unavoidable. Board meetings, business lunches, presentations, our days are filled with sitting-only moments. So how do we deal?

We hack our chair. Adjust the environment to fit the physiology, not the other way around.

Give this hack a try and let us know what you think.

Shout out to ergonomist John Fitzsimmons for showing us this chair survival tip.


And check out this video for some more interesting tips!