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Let’s try this again! — July 31, 2017

Let’s try this again!

with a partner:
Carry two barbells of equal weight (135/95), single-file farmer-carry style, for 800m.
For every drop, both people perform 5 power cleans.

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King of the KBs — July 26, 2017

King of the KBs

mobility & stability
core, wrists & shoulders

50 KB thrusters, left (35/26)
50 KB thrusters, right
50 Russian KB swings (53/35)

Complete chipper-style, finishing all of one movement before moving on to the next. Courtesy of

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Jump rope day! — July 20, 2017

Jump rope day!

Mute Sports Equipment will be at EVERY regularly-scheduled class in Gahanna today to give brief jump rope clinics, evaluate your jump, recommend rope sizing, and sell custom jump ropes. Regular classes will still happen after their 15-minute share is over. If you are interested in purchasing a custom jump rope, they are $34 +tax and will be made while you WOD.

7 burpees
11 wall balls (20:10’/14:9′)
15 Russian KB swings (53/44)
amrap 15 minutes

Shoulder this burden — July 19, 2017

Shoulder this burden

5×5 strict press @ 70% 1RM
5 bent rows after each press set

EMOM 10:
3-5 strict pullups
5 hanging scap pulls

Don’t miss our jump rope clinics all day Thursday! Completely FREE, and you’ll still get a workout in class. Just enjoy time with the jump rope experts at the beginning of each regularly-scheduled class! Custom jump ropes will be available for $34. Click here to tell us you’re coming!

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