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Intervals and stretching — March 2, 2017
TNT! Dy-no-mite — January 11, 2017

TNT! Dy-no-mite

6×3 weighted dips, as heavy as possible

January is FULL of birthdays at OKM, and the first two are Coach T and Tito. To celebrate this dynamic duo, we’re having TnT Wednesday! Get ready…

Both workouts are performed in teams of 4

One person performs one round of:
1 bar muscle up
10 deadlifts (185/125)
80 DU
while the other three people do burpees. Burpee people work until the 1/10/80 round is over, or until they hit 37 burpees (per person, no sharing)
When all 4 people have done the 1/10/80 round, the workout is over.

–rest 5:00–

One person performs one round of:
1 DH pullup
11 box jumps (24/20)
67 DU
while the other three people do situps. Situp people work until the 1/11/67 round is over, or until they hit 50 situps (per person, no sharing)
When all 4 people have done the 1/11/67 round, the workout is over.

BrewDog it! — November 19, 2016

BrewDog it!

A shoutout to Rob from CrossFit Aberdeen and BrewDog for this gem!

with a partner, attack the following:
150 cal row
150 GHD situps/T2B
-rest 5 min-
100 DL (155/115)
100 wall balls
-rest 5 min-
50 hang power cleans (135/95)
50 shoulder to overhead (135/95)
-rest 5 min-
bonus: 5 min amrap muscle ups (bar or ring)

Cindy beats Grace — November 5, 2016

Cindy beats Grace

with a partner:
as many clean and jerks (135/95) as possible while your partner performs one round of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

switch after every round of Cindy

continue till the team achieves 20 rounds

score is time to complete, and total clean & jerk reps

Buddy up, yoke-style  — August 6, 2016
Just git’er done, partner! — July 16, 2016
Buddy up! — June 18, 2016

Buddy up!

With a partner, for time:
Run 800m (partner rows till you’re done)
100 pushups (divide however you like)
Run 800m (partner rows)
100 power cleans (115/75, divide however)
Run 800m (partner rows)

Adapted from CrossFit Little Rock

Buddy up — April 16, 2016
Love is a ball — February 13, 2016

Love is a ball

with a partner and a medicine ball:
burpee ball passes
side-by-side wall balls
plank ball rolls
back-to-back Russian twists
Paleo chair/frog jump
2 minute stations
1 minute rest  
90 second stations
1 minute rest
1 minute stations

Partner up and chip away! — February 6, 2016

Partner up and chip away!

With a partner, achieve as much as possible in 20 minutes:
100 calorie row
100 situps
80 RKBS (53/35)
80 goblet squats (53/35)
60 box jumps (24/20)
60 burpees
40 cleans (115/75)
40 pushups
20 push presses (115/75)
20 pullups

Both partners can work at the same time, dividing the work however they choose. Both partners must work on the same movement, and one movement must be completed before moving on to the next. Work in order from 100 to 20.