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Jump rope day! — July 20, 2017

Jump rope day!

Mute Sports Equipment will be at EVERY regularly-scheduled class in Gahanna today to give brief jump rope clinics, evaluate your jump, recommend rope sizing, and sell custom jump ropes. Regular classes will still happen after their 15-minute share is over. If you are interested in purchasing a custom jump rope, they are $34 +tax and will be made while you WOD.

7 burpees
11 wall balls (20:10’/14:9′)
15 Russian KB swings (53/44)
amrap 15 minutes

Do it for the pups! — May 27, 2017
Barbells for Boobs — December 3, 2016
Come swing with us!  — September 10, 2016
Kettlebells4Kids — September 9, 2016


Each year, we partner with Kettlebells4Kids to help raise awareness and funds to end child homelessness across the nation. If you would like to contribute to our fundraising effort, please find our team page here. We’ll be fundraising for the remainder of the month. Funds raised by our team stay in Ohio to help children right here.

There’s cool swag available too! A $20 donation gets you a K4K/OKM co-branded headband (just like the ones we sold last month) and a $50 donation gets you a K4K t-shirt. (In order for K4K to manage shirt orders, please register on the fundraising web site when donating, and don’t forget to join our team!)

The significance of the number 9 in this workout is that 9 is the average age of a homeless person in America.

Join us in support of this cause tomorrow morning!

9 RKB swings (70/53)
9 burpees
9 RKB swings
9 box jumps
amrap 9 minutes

A yogic season-opener — June 20, 2016

A yogic season-opener

To tip our hats to the yoga tradition of 108 sun salutations on the Solstice, we will perform 27 sun salutations as our warmup/mobility each day for 4 days this week. If you aren’t able to join us all 4 days, 27 sun salutations is a great at-home workout!

reach to the sky
touch your toes
flatten your back, look at the horizon
hands to the mat, step to plank, lower to hover, elbows close
straighten arms and arch back (upward facing dog)
raise hips and stretch heels to the ground (downward facing dog)
-hold 3-5 breaths-
step to your hands

WOD: Granite Games 2016 Qualifier #2

50-calorie row
50 wall balls (20:10’/14:9′)
50 shoulder-to-overhead (115/85)
50 box jumps (24/20)
amrap 17 minutes

Fun tonight, fun tomorrow! — June 10, 2016

Fun tonight, fun tomorrow!

Friday 6/10, 6-8pm

Join us tonight at the Team OKM Gear Up night at RoadRunner Sports. Discounts on shoes and clothes, a free gait analysis, food and beverage, and a workout in the parking lot! 

If you’re planning on working out, we’ll start around 6:30. 

If you’re joining us for the evening, please register here so we know how much food to buy!

Saturday 6/11, 9 & 9:30 am

Join us at both locations for a wod to celebrate Rick Green’s birthday!

Run, Forrest! — May 28, 2016
CrossFit Open Intramural — February 24, 2016

CrossFit Open Intramural

We are excited to have over thirty people registered for our first-ever CrossFit Open Intramural! Teams have been drafted and are listed below, as well as some details you’ll need to know as the Open kicks off.

First things first…our teams need names! They’ve been listed A, B, C and D below but get together with some of your teammates and select a name. If your team has people from both locations, we’ll take nominations from both and get a team vote.

Next up…the schedule. Workouts will be announced on Thursdays starting this week, and must be completed by 8pm on Mondays. You do not need to complete the workout with your team in order for your team to receive credit. But you MUST complete it by the 8pm Monday deadline.

Most weeks, we’ll do the workouts as a group on Friday nights, and the locations will alternate between Gahanna and Lewis Center. However, this first week (2/26), there’s a Krav Maga test on Friday night so we’ll be doing 16.1 in regularly-scheduled classes Saturday morning 2/27. 9am in Gahanna, 9:30 in Lewis Center.

Fridays 3/4 and 3/18 will be in Gahanna at 5:30 pm
Fridays 3/11 and 3/25 will be in Lewis Center at 5:30 pm

Now…how do we get points? Your team will earn one point for each person who completes the workout before the deadline. Your team will earn one point for anyone who completes the workout as RX and finishes in the top 5 in the gym. And there will also be 5 “spirit” points available each week, to be awarded at the coaches’ discretion. Spirit points may be for things like PRs, teamwork, or best-coordinated team outfits.

What’s at stake? Well, bragging rights of course. And perhaps, a very special treat. You’ll just have to work hard to find out!

And finally…THE TEAMS!  Don’t see your name? Have no fear! You can choose to join us up till the close of the first deadline.

Matt Y.

John G.
Joe R.^

John N.
Joe F.

D (teens):
Matthew C.

*registered for the “official” Open
^Masters division

Special Guest Coach — January 8, 2016