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Not to be underestimated — December 12, 2017

Not to be underestimated

The Hanukkah goat challenge starts today! Each day for the next 8 days, take time to work on slaying your chosen goat. The SAME goat for 8 days. Today, spend 1:00.


Open 18 is coming! — December 11, 2017

Open 18 is coming!

It’s that time of year again…when we start looking ahead to the coming CrossFit Open season. Castro has promised new and unique twists again this year! Let’s take a look back at some Open WODs from years past and see how we’re stacking up.

CrossFit Open 13.2
5 shoulder-to-overhead (115/75)
10 DL (same bar)
15 box jumps (24/20)
amrap 10 min

View WOD details, masters weights and movement standards here.

Dizzy Cindy — December 9, 2017

Dizzy Cindy

10 ring rows
15 4-count mountain climbers
amrap 20:00

Coming soon…the Hanukkah goat challenge! Think about one “goat” that you would like to work on over the next couple weeks. It should be a skill or movement that you can practice at the gym, that does not involve a barbell. Your coaches will be asking for your chosen goat next week!

Buddy bench — December 8, 2017
Unique hero — December 7, 2017

Unique hero

3 forward rolls
5 wall climbs
7 toes to bar
9 box jumps (30/24)
7 rounds for time

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Saint Nick — December 6, 2017

Saint Nick

When Coach T was a little kid, her dad carried on his childhood Scandinavian tradition of St. Nicholas day, which was to put your stocking and your Christmas list out on the night of 12/6. St. Nick would leave a small gift, and also pick up your list so he had time to work on your Christmas gifts. Here’s a jumping, playful WOD to recall that childhood holiday excitement!

12 lateral plate hops
6 situps
12 jump lunges
6 pullups
amrap 12:00

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